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Our mission is to inspire the woman and girl to activate what lies within and let nothing stop her through engaging empowerment programs, events, and activities that promote self-love and self-confidence.

"I am fearfully and wonderfully made" Psalms 139:14

Inner Beauty Outreach programs and events remind the woman and girl she is uniquely and wonderfully made and designed for greatness.

Designed for Greatness

IBO also teaches how to "Tap Into your Inner You" by placing focus on your own uniqueness, take control, utilize your natural gifts, talents, and passions to find PURPOSE, balance and joy in life and careers.


Comes from within is our message. The woman should understand she is a mystery unfolding and should accept her flaws as much as her strengths. Loving herself is not vanity or selfishness, it means being positive and assertive about her future.

Embrace your Inner Beauty

      Self-Love & Acceptance