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Self Confidence

The general belief is that you as a human would love yourself first since you own your body, its flaws, and strengths. We also believe that you'd embrace your uniqueness before others are coaxed into it.

Since you are first the choices you make and the later consequence, you are then the major proponent of what you want people to address you with. But when you isolate yourself from the rest of your body, there is bound to be chaos.

Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself and acceptance of one's own body. It is striking a balance between the body and the self. For a woman especially, it is necessary you embrace those actions that support your physical, psychological and spiritual growths.

Self-love matures you with time, and it is not selfish. You can never truly love others without first understanding how this love works within you.

You can never give what you don't have, is that not it?

How you get to love yourself goes beyond putting yourself at the top of your to-do list, but to understanding the subtle details that make you "YOU." It is about getting to know those restricting limits, flaming that zeal and gut in you, as well as heaping gratitude on the bodily functionaries that charge you to greatness.

Many women succumb to the indelible tides of depression and low self-esteem when they cannot deliver themselves a proportional or adequate quantity of self-love. We have seen cases of those who regrettably had to commit suicide because people thought they were not beautiful enough or because they had too much weight. They waited on people to validate their bodies for them and had to pay the ultimate price with the self. Being weighty means you are a house of so many magics, means you are an embodiment of miracles, it also means you are a beautiful island surrounded by water, so why look down on your magic?

Confidence is the ability to feel beautiful without needing someone to tell you. It is a necessary ingredient for the estimation of oneself. It resonates through the body into the self: from the clothes you wear to the disarming smiles you put on. A confident lady knows no one is her and THAT my dear friends, is her power.

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