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Queens & Teens(QTs)

Queens & Teens(QTs)

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This program is part of our youth division designed for teen girls ages 13-18 to not only empower but inspire our QTs to seek the opportunities that are set before them through active participation and exposure to real life experiences and opportunities. These enrichment activities will include but are not limited to  classes on various topics, empowerment workshops, camps, field trips, and more.  We will also have meetings and provide participants with mentors who are female entrepreneurs, professionals, and small business owners in our/your local community.


Membership package includes:

  • T-shirt
  • Tote
  • Planner/Journal/ Notebook (Choose one)
  • Group sessions 
  • Business development ideas (connecting the things you naturally love to do to corresponding  career options)
  • Monthly Motivational Subscription Box (additional fee)
  • Exclusive events for support, sharing ideas and experiences for developing lifelong friendships such as spa nights, movie nights, girls’ night, paint parties, etc.