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About The Founder

Teresia Hollingshed,  a proud wife, mother, grandmother, educator, and entrepreneur launched Inner Beauty Outreach on September 2, 2018 to commemorate the milestone of  her 45th birthday. For more than 25 years, she has been coordinating and directing school, church and community programs. It has always been her heart's desire to inspire and encourage people. She firmly believes humans are all born with different gifts and talents and loves seeing individuals step outside their comfort zone, dig deep within, and discover how to use those gifts.


In her experiences of life, she has come to understand that one of the key ingredients to living a fulfilled life, especially as a woman, is to embrace one's own uniqueness and accept oneself the way it is. There is no meaning in trying to fit in. The woman should understand she is a mystery unfolding and should accept her flaws as much as her strengths. Loving herself is not vanity or selfishness, it means being positive and assertive about her future.