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About Us


IBO Mission

Inner Beauty Outreach was established to remind the woman she is uniquely and wonderfully made and designed for greatness. Inner Beauty Outreach’s  mission is to re-emphasize that beauty comes from within and one’s outer appearance can only enhance her inner beauty. We further mentor our members through encouragement and  empowerment programs,events, and activities that promote self-love and self-confidence. Our patrons are consistently reminded they are special and taught how to focus on their own uniqueness, take control, and utilize their natural gifts, talents, and passions to generate a profitable income for more financial freedom.

IBO Fashions

Built on the profound need to get the message across through proudly owning your body, carving self-adoration through fashion, style, and trends, Inner Beauty Outreach stands as your one-stop online shop for the most uplifting, self -loving and carefully stringed texts that sit well not only in your mind, but also on the body so you can gather yourself in style and rock.

There are brands of wear in varieties that redefine beauty as more than the skin deep, but that which comes from within and spreads outward. The Inner Beauty Fashions and Gift Boutique products have motivational sayings to inspire the woman and girl to activate what lies within and let nothing stop her.

Inner Beauty Purpose Driven Designs is your destination for hope and inspiration. The brand was established to instill a focus on self-worth, carefully give flowers to your own body and remind you that you are fearfully and wonderfully made for glory and greatness. We at Inner Beauty believe that Our Beauty is farther than skin deep; we represent the outpouring of the soul that spreads with-out. The Inner Beauty Designs craft out the purest inspirations streamlined to save your day.